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EZ-Tray Backplanes
HDD Cooler Cages
RAID Cages
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flexiDOCK Serie
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ICYNano Serie
SSD/Hard Drive Adapters
Internal SSD/HDD Docking
SSD/HDD Upgrade-Kits
M.2 zu 2.5" SSD Konverter
M.2 zu PCIe Slot Konverter
2,5" zu 3,5" SSD Konverter
2,5" SSD/HDD Einbaurahmen
5,25 Zoll Frontblenden-Adapter
RAID Lösungen
RAID-Wechselrahmen(3.5" Bay)
RAID Cages (5.25" Bay)
RAID Konverter
Drive Trays
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End of Life
ICYNano Serie
Externe M.2 SSD zu USB 3.2 Gehäuse mit werkzeugloser SSD-installation
SSD/Hard Drive Adapters
Designed for quick mobile use, with tool-less access to multiple 2.5"/3.5" SATA & IDE SSD/HDD. Lightweight build, while utilizing USB 3.0 performance.
Internal SSD/HDD Docking
Designed specifically with rich features for quickly hot swapping for 2.5" / 3.5" SATA SSD / HDD. Latest SATA III interface supported for best performance.
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